About Instunfollow

Instunfollow is a Google Chrome Extension that allows you to mass unfollow everyone in your "Following" list. 

The purpose of it is to efficiently unfollow everyone as fast as you possibly can.

The reason the limit is 80 unfollows per hour is because Instagram uses a system that will limit you to a certain amount of unfollows per hour. If you try to unfollow people any faster they wont be unfollowed. It may show that they are being unfollowed but they are actually not.

You can even try doing this for yourself.

This is why Instunfollow chose to unfollow 1 person every 45 seconds to bypass the limit set by Instagram! Any faster will flag your account and no accounts will be unfollowed.

Why is there so many ads?

Ads keep Instunfollow free for EVERYONE!
They allow us to get paid and keep the website up and afloat so we can keep working on the Chrome Extension and keep it updated for you.

Will anything else be added?

We are looking into other Automated Instagram Tools at the moment such as InstFollow which will allow you to automatically follow everyone who is following you.

InstMessage which may allow you to automatically mass message your follower or new followers.

And many more idea to come!

Need to contact us?

If you need to contact us for any reason, such as telling us how happy you are, if something isn't working, or more you can at the Contact Us page!